Alex Walker

Web Developer and Nightclub DJ from Glasgow, Scotland

Nights with DJ Lexy

Photo of a busy Delmonicas bar

Monday 18th December

Monday Madness

Delmonicas, 9PM – Midnight

Pop, dance and a hint of R&B. Classic childhood films on the screens.

Photo of people in Club X

Wednesday 20th December

Get'ho Wednesday

Club X, 11PM – 3AM

The dirtiest R&B, hiphop and urban music all night long.

Photo of people in Club X

Saturday 23rd December

Sinsational Saturday

Club X, 11PM – 3AM

The dirtiest R&B, hiphop and urban music all night long.

Mixes & Mash-Ups

I make a lot of edits and mash-ups. They're usually pretty simple, such as fixing the beat in an old 70s disco song. Here are some of the more interesting ones. As you can see, there's a lot of Khia in here. "My Neck My Back" is a Club X anthem.

  • Work Bitch

    Britney Spears & Azealia Banks

  • Lick That Girl

    Khia vs Eve

  • Mi Neck Mi Back

    Khia vs J. Bavlin & Willy William

  • My Neck My Thang

    Khia vs Redfoo

  • Bitch Better Have My Bom

    Rihanna vs Sam & The Womp

Web Development

When I'm not slowly destroying my hearing, I also work in web development. I've worked in education since 2010, focusing on online learing systems.

Screenshot of the login page of the University of Glasgow's Moodle

Hillhead Moodle Theme

University of Glasgow

Screenshot of the MyCity Homepage


City of Glasgow College

Server Management

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